Shri N.Laxmi narayan, former Mayor was presented a momento by M.Narsimhulu.

Shri laxminrayan, Tasildar was honoured by kasani, while K.Laxman,M.L.A looking on.

Best Tounament award was presented to Shri. Praveen Kumar, Namasthe Telangana

Jayanthi Celebrations of Late sri. K.Krishnaswamy.From Lto R Venkatrao, N.Laxminarayan, Babu rao, verma, Member BC commission of India, Kasani Gnaneshwar Mudhiraj, President A.PMudhiraj Mahasabha.

Janab Naziruddin Ahmed Co-counsilor of Krishnaswamy A Book written by t K.Krishnaswamy was presented to the Minister for Handlooms and Texties of A.P shri. Prasad kumar by sri M.Narsimhulu President of KKMJ celebrations while Kasani and P.chandrasekhar former Minister looks on.t
During the Jayanthi Celebrations Mudhiraj Pramukhs lighting the lamps Shri Prasad Kumar, Minister,A.P paying tribute to Shri. Krishnaswamy Mudhiraj.
Shri G.Satyanarayana and sri. Gnaneshwar garlanding the potrait of Shri. K.Krishnaswamy.
Seated on the dias L to R M.Narsimhulu, N.Laxinarayan and Baburao Verma.
Sri. G. Satyanarayan Mudhiraj presented a Momento by sri. M.Narsimhulu during the celebrations. A Book written by Sri. K.Krishnaswamy "The 30 yrs Political Struggle of Hyderabad" was released during the celebrations.
Sri. Baburao Verma released the book"The 30yrs Political Struggle of Hyderabad" written by Sri K.Krishnaswamy. During the function the poor students were given books and financial help by Kasani.
Sri Baburao Verma spoke narrating the noble life history of Krishna swamy Minister for Revenue Janab Mehmood Ali with Kasani during the celebrations.
A cultural programme was organised on this Jayanthi. The artist payed their respects to Shri Krishnaswamy. Chief Guest Mahmood Ali, Minister for Revenue, T.s, honoured Janb Naziruddin Ahmed during 121st birthday with citation.
Shri. kasani Gnaneshwar Mudhiraj speaks on the occasion of 117th jayanthi celebrations of Shri.krishnaswamy Mudhiraj Lto R Sri.K.Srinivas Rao, ACCP, GHMC,K.Laxman,M.L.A. During 121st B'day celebrations of Shri. K.Krishnaswamy Mrs. s. Indira Srinivasulu, ZPTC, Nawabpet presented with Momento by M.Narsimhulu in the presence of K.Lakshman,M.L.A,Kasani and others.
Dr.Hasnuddin Ahmed, IAS(R) son of Driniyar Jung Bahadur entered the Hall during 121st B'day celebration of K.Krishnaswamy along with his associates. Sri. Kasani requesting the Minister to light lamp during 121st B'day celebration of Shri. K.Krishnaswamy in the presence of Mudhiraj pramukhs.
'Life History of Deendayar Jung Bahadur' written by Sri. K.Krishnaswamy released by Mahmood Ali, Minister for Revenue, Telangana state on the occasion of Jayanthi celebrations.LtoR Naziruddin Ahmed,former corporator, Kasani, G.Bhagyanarapur,VC Palamur University. Chief Guest Janab Mahmood Ali, Minister for Revenue lighting the lamp to innaugarate the 121st B'day celebrations.
Sri. Narendra mathur speaks on during 117th B'day celebrations of Sri K.Krishnaswamy. Tribute were paid by L to R Kotagiri Krishna Rao, D.Sadanand, M.Narsimhulu, G.Satyanarayana, Lakshman Rao, G.Malliah, Y. Narsimha, D.Lakshminarayan during 121st B'day celebrations of K.Krishna swamy Mudhiraj.
Two volumes of 'Pictorial Hyderabad' written by Late K.Krishnaswamy presented to former Chief secretary govt. of A.P Narendra,IAS on 117th B'day celebrations by D.Lakshminarayan in the presence of M.Narsimhulu. Corporator Raju, sultanbazar lighting the lamp while Narendra,CS,IAS and others looks on.
In the presence of N.Lakshminarayana, Ex-Mayor Sri. Baburao Verma, Kasani Gnaneshwar lighting the lamp during Jayanthi celebrations. First civic body after independence mayor Sri Madapati Hanmantha Rao and Sri K.Krishna Swamy .
K.Krishnaswamy Mudhiraj (2nd from left) in a reception with mayor of hyd. Madapati Hanumanth Rao, Gurumurthi, Mayor of Sec'bad the governor and other celebrities of the Twin Cities. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru with Sri K. Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj
Andhra Pradesh Madapati Hanumantha Rao, I Mayor of Hyderabad and Dr. Rajendra Prasad, I President of India being greeted by the Counsellors (1951 to 1956) on his arrival to Hyderabad. K. Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj (3rd from R to L) Governor Sri. K. Krishna Kanth lighting the lamp during Cenetenary celebrations of Sri Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj
Sri K. Krishna Kanth, Governor of A.P, Sri B. Babu Shanker others at the Cenetenary Celebrations of Sri K. Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj 3rd Sri. Sunil Sharma, IAS at inaugaration of Sri K.Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj Marag at Chudi Bazar, Hyd Sri B. Satyanarayana Murthy, Sri P. Rama Swamy former Minister and others
Group Photo of Sri K. Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj Memorial Trust Sri K. Krishna Kanth, Governor of A.P at inugural function of cenetenary celebrations of Sri K. Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj. Sri Nazeeruddin Ahmed, Sri Manohar Raj Saxena, Colleague of Sri Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj, Sri. N. Narsimhulu Mudhiraj, chairman, Sri K.K. Mudhiraj Jayanthi Celebrations, Sri Babu Shankar are also seen
Residence of Sri. K.Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj at Chudi Bazar, Hyderabad. Sri K.Krishna Kanth, Governor of A.P adressing at inugural function of cenetenary celebrations of Sri K.Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj.
Sri K. Krishna Kanth the then Governor of A.P at the cenetenary celebrations of Sri K.Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj. L to R : Sri K. Krishna Swamy Mudhiraj, Mayor of Hyderabad at Chowkhi Lunch organized in honour of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India.
K> Krishna Swami Mudiraj, Mayor of Hyderabad reciving Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru,Prime Minister of India on the occasion of Civic Reception at Hyderabad. Sri Madapati HanmanthaRao the then Mayor of Hyderabad addressing the Civic Body.

Formation of Sri K. Krishna Swamy Mudiraj memorial trust..

Sri B.Babu Shankar, Sri S.Balakishan Rao, Sri M.Narasimha Rao, Sri Y.Narasimha

Sri Manohar Raj Saxena Sr:Advocate lighting the lamp at the centanary celebretion of Sri K. Krishna Swamy Mudiraj. Sri K.Krishna Swami Mudiraj with his colleagues at Darul-Shafa in Hyderabad.
L to R (sitting)Sri Narayana Swami Mudiraj, Mayor of Sec'Bad, Andhra Pithamaha Madapati Hanumantha Rao, I Mayor of Hyderabad and K.Krishna Swami Mudiraj and Sri Navada Muthaya mudiraj. L to R : Sri Abid Ali Khan Editor, Siasath Speeking at the Mudiraj Graduates'Asso., Sri Gopala Rao Ekbote, Ex. Minister and Sri C. Jaganatha Rao, Ex.Dy.CM..
3rd from L : Sri P.Rama Swami, former Minister, 2nd from R : Sri Sunil Sarma, IAS, Commisioner MCH at the inaugural function of Sri K. Krishna Swami Mudiraj Road. Sri K.Krishna Swami mudiraj, Mayor of Hyderabad recieving Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru, Prime Minister of india on the occasion of Civiv Reception at Hyderabad.
Sri K.Krishna Swami Mudiraj, Mayor of Hyderabad with Marshal Tito, President, Yougoslavia and Sri Neelam Sanjeeve Reddy ,CM, AP.