Municipal Service:
He was counselor from chudibazar constityency continuously for more than 25 years. Was naib mir majlis before independence – chairman of several Committes. was elected as 4th mayor in 1957-58. Master plan of greater Hyderabad was finalized during his Mayorship. Was instrumental in removing manual riksha system while providing alternate employment to the effected persons. Resolution to install sardar vallaha bhai patel statue before public gardens was passed during his tenure. Received pandit jawarhar lal Nehru, prime minister of India in 1958, aned hosted lunch in his honour.Civic receiption was accorded to marshal TITO the them president of Yagoslavikia. MARSHAL TITO presented him his personal wrist watch as a token of his deep admiration and love.

Removal of Illiteracy and Popularizing Hindi Language:
Established hindi kanya patta shala at chudi bazar. Invited mahatma Gandhi, who praised his services in the school book. Was one of founder members of narayana guda kanya patta shala now venkatarama reddy women college, esatablished several private schools throughout the state, as the nizams government was not opening any schools. Started library movement and opened several libraries.

Service to Backward Classes:
Founder president of A.P. Mudiraj Maha Sabha and one of the founders of Hyderabad state Backward classes Association, also was instrumental for formation of Yadav Maha Sabha, Munnuru Kapu

Literary Service :
Compiler of world famous “PICTORIAL HYDERABAD ”,(two volums). “30 Years Political struggle of Hyderabad”.”Liberation of Goa”.”Mudiraj Jati Charitra”.”Biography of Navaab Deen Yar Jing” several other booklets articles etc.

As a Journalist :
He was a correspondent to hindu madras before independence started DECCAN STAR WEEKLY IN 1926. MASAVAT URDU IN 1339. NEW ERA WEEKLY AND DAILY after Independence. Coloumnist to several urdu papers i.e., siyasat,royat,rehnumae deccan,emroz etc. he established his own “chandrika press” in 1925 which was one of the premier presses of south india.

In 1993 a regular committee to celebrate birth anniversaries and to propagate the ideals of Sri K.K.Mudiraj was formed, under the patronage of A.P.Mudiraj Maha Sabha, with Sri B.Babu shanker chairman,M.Narasimulu Secretary, and other Managing Committee Members. Centenary celebrations were conducted in 1994. The Governer of Andhra Pradesh. Now vice president of India Sri K.KRISHNA KANTH,inaugurator and praised the services and sacrifices of late Sri K.Krishna S wamy Mudiraj. Every year, Krishna Swamy Mudiraj memorial elocution,essay writing,sports and games competitions are being arranged While poor Mudiraj students are granted financial help by this committee.

The government of A.P issued orders vide G.O.RT.NO.996,M.A. dated:4.11.1996, to name the road from begum bazaar cross roads to journalist bazaar, after Sri K. Krishna Swamy Mudiraj. On 25.8.1997 at 5.00 P.M. Hon’ble Minister for Municipal Administration will inaugurate. Sri P. Rama Swamy, MLA Maharaj Gunj and the commissioner MCH and the others will participate. The function will be held at Maheswari Bhavan,Begum Bazaar.

ON 25.8.1997 at 2.00 P.M. at Maheshwari Bhawan, BEGUM BAZAAR, The 104th anniversary function will be held. Sri M. Manik Rao, Former minister will inaugurate. Sri C. Jagannath Rao,Former DY. Chief Minister will be the chief guest. Several others dignitaries and members from all over the state will attend. Sri N. Lakshmi Narayana, former mayor and president A.P. Mudiraj Maha Sabha, will preside over the function.

“Pictorial Hyderabad” and its Compiler Late .Sri. K . Krishna Swamy Mudiraj By Gaddam Satyanarayana
“pictorial hyderabad” a rare book of History which contains minute details of culture & civilization of the then Princely state of Hydeabad, its people and rulers with finest photographic depicts when was published in the year 1929, it created a sensation in the educatiion field. Not only the Indian Media but the International News papers praised much about the book and its compiker Sri. K. Krishna Swamy. In those days all big libraries of the world used to contain this bool in two volumes. After passing of almost eighty years this valuable book in its originality is again got printed by the organizers of K .K. Mudiraj Jayanthi Celebrations Committee.

The compiler of this book Late Sri. Korvi Krishna Swamy Mudiraj was born on Sunday 3rd September 1893 ona very auspicious day of “Krishnastami” at Jalna Town of Aurangabad District(Maharastra)then part of Nizams Hyderabad state. He was 36 years of age when this book was published. His parents were Sri. Yellaiah Garu and Smt. Biju Bai. The in depth study of the life of this great personality reveals that Mr. Krishna Swamy was by nature had a great interest in Higher Studies.Despite several hurdles, innumerable miseries and Financial problems, he Completed Matriculation from Chandraghat High school, and passed Intermediate. Then attended the Typewriting and short hand courses. Subsequently Mr . Mudiraj served as P.A. to the then prime Minister of Nizams State of Hyderabad Sir Krishna Prasad Bhadadur.

Chandra Kantha Press became a boon to Sri. Krishna Swamy Garu. As he had fulfilled his natural ambitions by publishing several literary works e.g.,
• The History Hyderabad City formation.
• The Hyderabad Muncipality’s History from 1280 f(1871 A.D.).
• The Pictorial Hyderabad.
• 30 years Political Struggle of Hyderabad.
• Freedom Movement of Goa .
• Biography of Nawab Deen Yard Jung Bahadur.
• Deccan star(weekly)-Masawat(Urdu Weekly).
• New Era(Engkish Daily) etc.

Among all those,the “Pictorial Hyderabad” was regarded as pne of the best literary, artistic and historic pieces of printing which attained not only National but Intranational—name& fame.

The Grandeur of this rare book of Pictorial Hyderabad in two volumes with 1200 pages can well be imagined that about 12 years period was spent for completing and finally prinring the 1st volume and as regards the expenditure it was said that with the amount spent for printing of this book, one would have established a complete will laid printing press itself.

As regards the involvement and keen interest shown by the then Monarch H.E.H. the Nizam of Hyderabad Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan and his family members. It is interesting to mention that Nawab Salar Jung Bahadur, Maha Raja Sri Krishna Prasad Bahadur(the then Prime Minister) nawab basalat jah bahadur(the brother of the Nizam) and several other Royal family members have visited the press several times, during theprocess of printing. Thus Pictorial Hyderabad has attained the status of unique piece of literally & Historical value. In the words of Mr.Thomas. .

“Present and future generations will find much in this book to interest infer and enthuse them the Historyof the past as well as the passing of the past few Decades has been captured and preserved in its pages.” .

With the completion of compilation and printing of “Pictorial Hyderabad” Mr. Krishna Swamys, popularity, prosperity, prestige and dignity touched to their – highest peaks. This was his highest turning point of the life. .

Mr. Korvi Krishna Swamy, who is now popularly regarded as the “Mudiraj Petamaha,Jati Ratna K. Krishna Swamy Mudiraj” was the founder President of Mudiraj Mahasabha and the 1st person who had written the history of Mudiraj and also the person who going round all corners of the country established All India Mudiraj Mahasabha, was a man of honesty, sincerity bold out spoken, an excellent writer an orator, historian, politician, freedom fighter, an embodiment of Secularism, kind sympathetic, man of truth and above all was a crusader of down trodden. His message to the fellow Mudiraj was; .

“Every Mudiraj who is capable and well off – to extend a helping hand to the needy and under privikiged, Youths, who despite possessing excellent mind, heart, physuc and all natural qualities are deprived of any progress in their life.” .

“Lives of self made men are the brightest bacons for the rising generations.” .

A.F. Thomas